Refund Policy

We are a company of integrity that upholds to our word. Here at Snow Skin Co our refund policy is simple and straightforward, If these steps are followed we will refund your order in full. If these steps aren't followed we cannot refund your order. That being said, we believe that these steps are so straightforward that it'd almost be impossible to not receive a refund for your order when you return it! Our refund policy is known as our "7 Day Guarantee", see information about it and the steps below!

Our 7 Day Guarantee

Most guarantees that are 30 days or longer only allow you to get a refund on your order if your product is broken.

OUR 7 day guarantee allows you to get a full refund on your order even if you don't have a justifiable reason to return your product! See these 2 examples below ⬇️

Say that you decide that you simply don't want the product anymore, you're eligible to return it and get a full refund on your order!

Say that you bought one of our products for a friend and they simply don't want it, you're eligible to return it and get a full refund on your order!

There are 100's of reasons why you may want to return your product for a refund, these 2 above sentences are just examples! 

Note that your order's delivery date must lie within 7 days for you to be eligible to start your return for your refund.

Steps to Return your Product

1. If your order's delivery date falls within 7 days and you want to return your product for whatever reason, contact us at

2. If everything is intact and no needle packs are opened, just skip over to Step 3. If a needle pack(s) has been opened, you'll need to order an extra needle pack to replace the one that has been opened. Once the extra needle pack has arrived, see step 3!

3. Pack everything up and send us a photo of all the items simply to ensure that everything is intact.

4. We'll give you the return address. Ship it to the return address provided with a tracking number.

5. Once the tracking number says, "Delivered", let us know, and your order will be refunded!

Please note that the Customer is responsible for the costs associated with returning the product.

This is our refund policy at Snow Skin Co! We truly do hope that you understand it completely. Since our refund policy truly is simple and straightforward, we don't think there will be many questions, but if you do have any questions concerning our refund policy just send us an email at and we will do our very best to get back to you within 1 business day.

- The Team at Snow Skin Co. LLC